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Providing psychotherapeutic services to Portland, Beaverton, Tigard and Lake Oswego

What is Jungian Therapy?

It is a deepening, authentic conversation between two people where attunement, safety, relatedness, security and engrossed listening takes place.  Often the presenting concern will lead to the deeper issue, which can result in significant healing. Jungian therapy focuses on the psyche and helping to remove the blocks and barriers so that one can discover and live their truth.

This endeavor and work has three parts: 

  •  First: INSIGHT—not only intellectually but being impacted emotionally.  
  •  Second is COURAGE—to face whatever obstacles life provides, and the 
  •  Third is ENDURANCE—persistence in the face of both outer and inner resistances.

Together we strive to follow the leading of the psyche’s occurrences within the therapy session, by the stories and events related, the dreams presented and processed, and the spontaneous products of one’s depths—drawing, poems, letters and active imaginations, etc.

The goal is to bring unity to our different parts, to move from our limited one sided ego dominated life to a life with more harmony and connection to our Center.