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Welcome to my blog. This is my first attempt at writing in blog form about depth psychological issues that are of interest to many people. Every two to four weeks I will write about issues of the soul(psyche) and personal relationships. There are two types of Narcissism – healthy and unhealthy. The focus of this blog is about Unhealthy Narcissism.


If you are unable to tolerate criticism, if you lack empathy for others, if you need to be right consistently, and if you can not make space for the other person emotionally, you may be suffering from unhealthy narcissim with issues of shame, loss, diminishment, and insufficiency. As a consequence, parts of your life are not working.


We are a culture that is extremely narcissistic. This means there is serious difficulty around the matters of reflecting in depth about ourselves and our behaviors and relating to ourselves and others in a consistently connecting way. There is the demand to be entertained and to have immediate gratification without having to work and persist at projects that require time, reflection, and much preparation. When we can develop the courage to reflect about our actions, behaviors, and emotions and to name and take ownership for our personal behavior, significant change can begin to take place from the inside out. This often requires the presence of another person, who in a safe, secure, and caring environment, can begin to tell us how they are experiencing us and what is no longer effective or working.


I would urge you to have the courage to face, to reflect, and to talk with a trained analyst. You can find help with relationships, depression and anxiety, employment concerns, loss of a loved one, parenting challenges, and troubling dreams/nightmares. There can be movement for you from emptiness and despair to meaning and healing.


In the next blog, I will begin to consider aspects of healthy narcissism.


The qualities of healthy narcissism are:





-Ego Flexibility